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George (John/Jon) Gibney (63) is an alleged serial child sexual predator who has a long history of accusations of sexual abuse and rape from boys and girls entrusted into his care as an Irish swimming coach. He coached swimming teams - including Olympic - in Ireland for three decades until he fled in 1994 after avoiding prosecution on a legal technicality (a loophole now fixed). He spend time in Scotland and moved to the United States in the late 1990s on a Green Card. He did not disclose his criminal past on his green card application as he would have been denied entry. In not disclosing his past, as he was obliged to, he perjured himself which may turn out to be his undoing. His history reflects a sexual preference was for boys or girls aged 11 to 17.

Justine McCarthy's Deep Deception book gives abuse victims a voice (Read)
Oct 04 2009:
The Times "When she was 17 and one of the brightest swimming stars
around, she was raped and imprisoned in a Florida hotel room by George Gibney."

Gibney raped teenage Olympic prospect
(Irish Independent 031907) (Read)

In the U.S. from 1999 to date
In the U.S. Gibney worked in Colorado, Utah and California before moving to Florida in 2007. In allowing Gibney to flee without any attempt to extradite him or to notify U.S. law enforcement about him, the Irish Department of Justice has allowed a predator to roam unencumbered in the United States. Had it not been for the diligent efforts and relentless pursuit of Gibney by Irish journalists Johnny Watterson (formerly of the Irish Tribune newspaper now with the Irish Times) and Justine McCarthy (also of the Irish Tribune and now with the Sunday Times), Gibney would have quietly disappeared into the American landscape forever.


A note on sexual predators
From the book 'Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators' by Katherine Ramsland & Patrick Mc Grain; 'Successful (sexual) predators are often so clever and secretive that even the people closest to them fail to recognize what they are doing. They devise a convincing facade, they have a long list of prepared excuses, and when suspicions arise they're skilled at reassuring others that nothing is wrong. They exploit trust and know how to twist what people want to believe into a false sense of security...'
Predators are compulsive and their behavior is predictable as it is repetitive. Their behavior progresses as the thrill of conquests diminish over time. To supplement their needs they develop (new or existing) interests in child pornography, more challenging opportunities to molest, visit child sex tourist destinations and sometimes progress to murder. Aside from the thrill murder can add to their actions, it may be committed for practical reasons to ensure a victims silence. Predators lack conscience, remorse or many times fear of consequence.


 Information on Gibney: Gibney's history is well documented in
 many articles on the Internet - Google '
george gibney.' Full details of his
 alleged crimes are recorded by Irish Journalist Justine McCarthy in her
 2009 book '
Deep Deception.' Available online from Irish book Store
 Easons here.

(From Pedophile Makes Home in U.S. By Sean O’Driscoll )
Gibney caused a national scandal in Ireland in 1992 when he obtained a High Court order stopping his trial on 17 sexual abuse charges. Gibney argued in court that the time limit had expired on the case because most of the abuse took place between the 1960s and 1991. 

However, some of the biggest names in Irish swimming protested the collapse of the trial. Other victims came forward, but Gibney had fled the country and told his lawyer that he would not return. 

The stories of the abused were heard in court but they never found justice. A brother and sister told how Gibney had abused them in the back of the family car while their father was driving in the front. 

Another teenager testified about an international swimming meet, when Gibney locked her in a room with him and she was abused. 

An Irish government commissioned report, released in 1988, found that Gibney had abused children for three decades, including one 13-year-old girl he slapped in the face after she told him to stop the abuse. He continued to abuse her and her friends. 

Gibney, who coached the...Olympic gold medalist Michelle Smith and some of the biggest names in Irish swimming, was sacked as national swimming coach in 1992. There was a huge public outcry after his replacement, Derry O’Rourke, was jailed for similar offenses, and the scandal led to a complete overhaul of Irish sports coaching.

An independent public inquiry led to the development of a new code of ethics for all Irish sports.

 - a sampling

 Two national coaches abused young swimmers Irish Independent June 30, 08

 Disgraced coach now a 'sweet' chap in US Irish Independent, 031207

 Pedophile Makes Home in U.S.

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