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NFL: Objecting to Pete Townshend for Super Bowl XLIV - Back Story and Research

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Resources - back story

Pete Townshend Should Not Be Given Kennedy Center Award Child AbuseWatch 123008

Pete Townshend of the WHO and his child porn connection ButlerReport 080108

'Testy' Townshend storms out of interview over kiddy-porn jibe This is London 102606

Townshend: My life has changed Evening Standard 070703

Townshend withdraws 'ill-advised' teen sex story' London Times 062206

 Townshend fails to block BBC film on pornography arrest Independent 032104

Pete Townshend put on sex offenders register Guardian UK 050803

Pete Townshend on sex register over child porn - lifelong criminal record London Times 050803

The Smoking Gun - Townshend archives 2003

Key facts of the case taken from the London Times May 08, 2003

Resources - Research

Important notes from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children publication Child Molesters: a behavioral analysis on those caught viewing the child pornography - see under the paragraph 'Child Pornography'

Child Molesters: a behavioral analysis (pdf from the NCMEC/FBI)

Resources - Video

Police Protecting Children: Internet Pedophilia (BBC documentary 2004).
Documentary following British police investigations and arrests of British pedophiles in light of Operation Ore. Includes footage of Townshend's arrest by appointment and his visit to the booking office in the police station accompanied by his attorneys. (approx 1.5 hours). Townshend fought to stop the broadcast of this documentary - see
(Townshend fails to block BBC film on pornography arrest:  Independent 032104)

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