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NFL: Objecting to Pete Townshend for Super Bowl XLIV Half-Time Performance - Media Files

Media Coverage

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Super Bowl Furor: Pete Townshend Defends Halftime Act Amid Child Porn Accusations ABC 020510

Pete Townshend defends himself against criticism - Manilla Bulletin 020510

Townshend defends himself vs. critics USA Today 020510

Townshend answers child advocates Jam 020510

Me & Vinnie - Sirius XM (U.S.) - interview - 020210

 Superbowl XLIV – Thugs, Rednecks and Sex Offenders  - TMR 013010

Not So Quick Tangent - Sports Illustrated 013010

Pete Townshend 'sparks Florida protest' - Digital Spy 013010

 Pete Townshend: Super Bowl Pariah? - ABC 012910

 Pete Townshend Super Bowl Warning: NFL Asked to Ban "The Who" Halftime Show

 Over Sex Arrest - CBS 012910

 Super Bowl Sponsors 100% aware that Pete Townshend is a known sex offender.

 Now Miami residents are too. Yahoo Shine 012910

 Miami residents in leaflet warning over British sex offender.. rocker Pete

 Townshend who is playing at the Super Bowl - Daily Record UK 012910

 Pete Townshend faces sex offender leaflet campaign - The First Post 012910

'Sex offender' Townshend at Super Bowl a super problem?  - WHAS11 012910

 US targets Townshend - Yahoo UK 012910


 Residents, schools near Super Bowl stadium asked to watch out for The Who’s
 Pete Townshend
- Palm Beach Post 012810

 Super Bowl Sponsors 100% aware that Pete Townshend is a known sex offender.

 Now Miami residents are too. ButlerReport 012910

 Pete Townshend's Sex Offender Past Threatens Super Bowl Gig
 Huffington Post 012910

 Pete Townshend labeled 'sex offender at large' as Miami residents protest at him
 performing at Super Bowl with The Who
UK Daily Mail 012910

 Paedo warning over Townsend UK SUN 012810

 Hide Your Children! "Sex Offender" and Sometimes Musician Pete Townshend is
 Coming for the Super Bowl!
Miami New Times 012810

 It's Just Research: Miami Gets Early Warning About Pete Townshend... The Daily Swarm 012810

 Pete Townshend Super Bowl appearance spurs 'sex offender advisory'
 warning in Miami
Examiner 012910

 Do Not Let Your Kids Near This Guitarist 012910

 Child advocates target The Who's Pete Townshend with flyers over
Super Bowl performance


 Pete Townshend Sex Offender Posters Placed Around Miami Australia 012810

 Anti-Pete Townshend Postcards Distributed Ahead of Super Bowl 012910

 Sex campaign targets Pete Townshend before Super Bowl Daily Telegraphy
 Australia 012910

 Pete Townshend targeted as a 'sex offender' before Super Bowl - NY Post 012910

 Pete Townshend - Miami locals reminded of Townshend child porn scandal
 Contact Music 012910

 Child porn link dogs Townshend 012810

December - January news coverage

Story Broken in the U.S. by columnist Jose Lambiet, Palm Beach Post

Florida child abuse activists: Super Bowl act The Who not welcome here! Palm Beach Post 122209

And in Europe by Jacqui Goddard, London Times

Ban Pete Townshend from Super Bowl, say child abuse protesters London Times 122409


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Townshend’s growing Super Bowl problems Yahoo Shine 011110

 Pete Townshend’s Spin Doctors ButlerReport 010510

 Group Wants The Who Nixed at Super Bowl CBS News 010410

 Kick the Who off the Super Bowl, say child-abuse protesters Guardian UK 010410

 The Who in Super Bowl Pete Townshend child 'abuse' row  Mirror UK 010310

 Group wants The Who booted from Super Bowl NBC Sports 010110

FOX Radio interview (distributed to 400 affiliates) 010410

CNN Radio interview (distributed to 2,000 stations worldwide) 010310

 The Who in Super Bowl child porn row Daily Telegraph Australia 010210

 Group wants NFL to boot The Who Sports Illustrated 010110

 Pete Townshend, The Super Bowl, Roman Polanski, and extended ski trips Ski 
 Channel TV 123109


 Child abuse groups: Ban Townshend Super Bowl gig First Post 123109

 Child porn charge dogs Pete Townshend's Super Bowl show WBIR 123009

 Fox O'Reilly Factor 122909 

 MSNBC lunchtime interview - Kevin Gillick/Protect Our Children 122909

 American child abuse campaigners demand Pete Townshend be treated as a sex 
 offender before The Who play at the Superbowl
(UK Daily Mail 122109)

 Pete Townshend denied entry to US? Kensei News & Information Service 122909

 The Who’s Super Bowl appearance under protest because of Pete Townshend
 registered sex offender
 Buzzvee.com 122909

 WHO's Townshend may have to register as a sex offender in Florida DrudgeReport

 American abuse campaigners say Pete Townshend must be treated as a sex offender
 before The Who play at the Superbowl
Daily Mail UK 122909

 Who Are You to Ban Townshend from Super Bowl? NFL Fanhouse 122909

Groups protest Pete Townshend's Super Bowl appearance over child porn charge NY Daily News 122809

Ban the WHO's Pete Townshend from the Super Bowl? SunSentinel 122809

NFL Ignites Protest With Selection of The Who For Super Bowl Show - Real Rock News 122809

 Is The WHO’s Pete Townshend A Sex Offender? Depends On What The Definition
 Of Is Is
 Right Pundits.com 122809

 WHO's Townshend may have to register as a sex offender in Florida ButlerReport

Who Superbowl Concert Could Stir Controversy RTT News 122509

Is the NFL Really This Dumb? Celebrifi 122509

Child Abuse Protesters: Ban The Who from Super Bowl Fox New York/Detroit/Atlanta 122409

Janet Jackson - Another Super Bowl Uproar - This time over the WHO Contact Music 122409

Will ‘The Who’ Be Banned From The Super Bowl? PynkCelebrity 122409

Pete Townshend being targeted by anti-child abuse groups Rock Radio 122509

NFL Goodell’s Hypocrisy Continued Black and Right 122409

'Kick Who off the Super Bowl' Silobreaker Sports 122409

Child abuse groups: Ban Townshend Super Bowl gig The First Post (UK) 122309

WHO’s Super Bowl XLIV appearance in jeopardy? Examiner 121109

America: who are you? SBS Sports Australia 122309

Child Abuse Group Wants The Who Banned From Super Bowl 44 Halftime Show Buffalo Home 122309

Sex Offender Issues: No Townshend for NFL Super Bowl - Tweetmeme 122309

Child Abuse Group Wants The Who Banned From The Super Bowl - Frantikmag 122309

No Townshend for Super Bowl Twitter Conservatwitter 122409

Pete Townshend being targeted by anti-child abuse groups Rock Radio 122309

NFL Dragged Into Townshend Kiddie Porn Protest  Big Soccer 122309

NFL/Townshend articles at Soccer News Big Soccer Links to articles 122309

NFL Dragged Into Townshend Kiddie Porn Protest Dallas News 122309

Groups Don't Want Pete to Rock This Town NBC Miami 122209

Child-abuse groups call for The Who to be banned from Super Bowl gig M&C 122209

Child Abuse Groups Ask NFL to Dump The Who (Story #4) Rush Limbaugh 122209

Group claims Pete Townshend is in the U.S. illegally; files criminal complaint USPOC

In Search Of The New 'World's Greatest Rock Band' Stacie Rumenap, Stop Child Predators, (DC)

WHO’s Super Bowl XLIV appearance in jeopardy? ButlerReport 120909

Is the NFL really this Dumb? ButlerReport 120109

Pedopalooza planned for NFL Super Bowl Half Time Show  Guardian Brevard 11280

Child AbuseWatch Protests Pete Townshend as NFL Super Bowl entertainment ButlerReport 112509

British sex offender to play Super Bowl XLIV half time event? ButlerReport 111809

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