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NFL: Objecting to Pete Townshend for Super Bowl XLIV
Half-Time Performance - UPDATES

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> Child AbuseWatch response to Bridgestone letter 021110 (Read)
"You have done the unimaginable by supporting the hiring of a sex offender – a child sex
offender - for the public entertainment of millions of American families. That will be your, Mr. Arakawa’s, and Bridgestone’s legacy."

Letter from Bridgestone to Child AbuseWatch 012710 (Read)

> Interview with Russ Morley WFTL "Morning News" (mp3) News/Talk 850WFTL 

> Letter from Merck 020110 (Read)

> Letter to Roger Goodell/NFL Commissioner 020610 (Read)
"You have single-handedly done more to set back the cause of child sexual abuse prevention than any pedophile support-group could ever dream..."

Child AbuseWatch letter to NFL calls for Goodell's resignation (pdf) 021010 (Read)

Protect Our Children mails Sex Offender Alert to Miami residents, January 27, 2010

1. Pete Townshend sex offender advisory mailed to Miami residents (Read)

2. Townshend Sex Offender Alert (pdf) (English and Spanish) (View)


Super Bowl Sponsors 100% aware that Pete Townshend is a known sex offender ButlerReport, January 28, 2010

January 27 - Latest Correspondence with NFL - Super Bowl Sponsors

"What it comes down to is that you wouldn’t hire a known sex offender to mow your lawn; why then do you support hiring one for the Super Bowl?" [Evin Daly, CEO, Child AbuseWatch in a 012710 letter to Roger Goodell at the NFL and to Super Bowl Sponsors]

1. Child Abuse Watch Letter to Roger Goodell at the NFL 012710 by email/ mail [Read]

2. Child AbuseWatch letter to Super Bowl Sponsors 012710 by email/mail [Read]

3.  NFL Super Bowls Sponsor CEOs, Boards of Directors and media relations contacts [Read]

4. NFL Super Bowl Sponsors (from NFL website) [Read]
   [From the NFL 'Sports Business Resource Guide & Fact Book' at www.nfl.com]

Previous correspondence with Super Bowl Sponsors - 010710

"Would you knowingly hire a sex offender for a position in your company? Of course not.
Yet you are sponsoring the NFL who has hired Pete Townshend of the WHO to play the Super Bowl half-time."
[Evin Daly, CEO, Child AbuseWatch in a 010710 letter
to Super Bowl Sponsors]

1. Letter to Super Bowl Sponsors on January 07, 2010 - includes Townshend case file (Read)

2. Response received from GM on Jan 15 regarding Child AbuseWatch's letter of objection
    sent on 010710 to their sponsoring a sex offender (jpeg)

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