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'Inform' (Ireland) Campaign

One Child International has submitted a proposal to the Irish Government to provide child protection and abuse prevention information to every household in Ireland. The purpose is
to ensure that the public is adequately informed about how to protect their children from abuse. An information campaign is the cornerstone of any Irish child protection policy.
The Irish Government has spent in excess of Euro130 million on compiling reports of
child sexual abuse over the past 10 years. One Child's campaign would cost 1 (one) Euro per household hold plus postage.

Research and Test Market
Research was conducted over the Spring of 2010 with meetings with government representatives, the Gardai (police) and Irish NGO's reviewing the lack of information available to the Irish public about child protection.

The result was the development of a printed and on-line child protection information package. Since late June of 2010 One Child has test marketed this package in various markets including Ireland, UK, the U.S. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. Response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Protection and prevention package
The package consists of three brochures ('The Four Types of Child Abuse', 'Physical Abuse: Warning Signs,' and 'Child Sexual Abuse Explained (for concerned parents)'). Each was designed to explain, simply and straightforwardly, the four forms of child abuse in a way that everyone can understand. See them online here

Over 110,000 copies of the brochures were ordered by domestic violence and rape crisis centers, schools, children’s daycare, the judiciary, child care professionals and the public in Ireland and worldwide. They have been provided free, paid for by our organization. The feedback indicated an urgent need for this information in the format presented. It also underlined the need for printed information to supplement online resources.

Inform (Ireland) campaign
The Inform (Ireland) campaign is aimed at providing our package of information about abuse prevention and child protection to every household in Ireland – all 1.47 million of them. This is a unique program, the first of its kind in Europe. One Child has asked the Irish government  to pay the cost of E1 (one Euro) per household plus postage and let One Child fulfill the project on their behalf. As a charity One Child will not profit from this. Any excess funding to provide a Missing Children/Amber Alert system to the Irish ISPCC.

Proposal to Government
Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen, Minister for Children & Youth Affairs Barry Andrews and Health Service Executive (HSE) CEO Phil Garland received a proposal on October 14th outlining the necessity of providing the Irish public with this information as the cornerstone of any child protection policy.

Every NGO, the Irish police, the media and peripheral service providers have received copies of our brochures.  On October 15 and 18, members of the Irish Senate and Congress (Dail) received a proposal from One Child as well as a copy of the brochures so that they too can see what is available for their constituents.

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