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Physical Abuse Injury Indicators -
Charts and Images


Warning: These images are presented for the benefit of medical and law enforcement personnel. Some visitors may find them disturbing. If you think that this may apply to you, please explore another section of the site.



Abuse Injury Indicators

Suspicious areas of bruising

Clues as to the cause of intentional injury


Facial Injuries

Slap injury - indicator




Facial Beating


Blow to the ear


Blow to Upper Mouth


Looped Chord Injury

Looped cord injury (below)


Looped cord injury 2


Beaten with wire loop 3


Buttock and Thigh Bruising

Bruising on the lower back and buttocks


Bruising on the lower back and buttocks 2


Bruising on buttocks from a spoon 3


Bruising on buttocks and thighs 4



Burn table
Temp(F)   Effect
101          bathing 
106          hot tub
109          pain start
113          partial burn in 6 hours
127          partial burn in 1 min
130          partial burn in 30 sec
150          partial burn in 2 sec

Immersion (Scalding) Burn to a child's hand


Immersion in hot liquid burn


Immersion in hot liquid burn


Immersion burn


Facial Immersion in hot liquid burn


Pouring hot liquid burn




Grid Burn


Grid Burn




Cigarette Burns

Cigarette Burn 1


Cigarette Burn 2



Human Bites

Human Bite Mark


Bite with sucking



Retinal Hemorrhaging

Shaken Baby Retinal Hemorrhaging




Snapping Injury



Spiral Fracture



Holding and Shaking


Mechanics of Shaken Baby


Death: Shaken Baby 1


Death: Shaken Baby 2



Blow with plastic Pipe


Blow with wire brush


Failure to Thrive





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Burn Images


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