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Nearly 1 million children are the victims of child abuse and neglect.
Child abuse is three times more prevalent than all childhood cancers combined.
1,500 children died at the hand of their abusers.
More than 75% of the children killed were under four years of age.
Approximately 80% of all child abuse is perpetrated by parents.

[US Department of Health & Human Services 2006 Child Maltreatment Report]

According to the (American) National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, in 1997 neglect represented 54% of confirmed cases of child abuse, physical abuse 22%, sexual abuse 8%, emotional maltreatment 4%, and other forms of maltreatment 12%. 30% of children are threatened.

This causes them to runaway, commit suicide, or become mentally unstable for the rest of their life, with the memory replaying over and over again in their head and it will never leave. According to a recent UNICEF report on child well-being in the United States and the United Kingdom ranked lowest among first world nations with respect to the well being of their children.

This study also found that child neglect and child abuse are far more common in single-parent families than in families where both parents are present.

Recently a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 1 in 50 infants in the United States are victims of nonfatal neglect or abuse.

In the US, neglect is defined as the failure to meet the basic needs of children including housing, clothing, food and access to medical care. Researchers found over 91,000 cases of neglect over the course of one year (from October 2005- September 30, 2006) with their information coming from a database of cases verified by protective services agencies.


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