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Roman Polanski Media File


Polanski will not be deported from Switzerland to the U.S. - set free July 13, 2010 Swissinfo (Read)

Recently unsealed grand jury minutes detail 1977 rape of a 13-year-old girl - transcripts Smoking Gun, May 11, 2010 (Read)

Roman Polanski petition circulating at Cannes TMZ May 15, 2010 (Read)

Roman Polanksi on 2.7m pound bail as Swiss consider extradition London Times 112609 (Read)

Polanski wins bail in Switzerland, in jail for now (Mercury News 112509 (Read)

Polanski to face two years in jail if returned to US Irish Times 102609 (Read)

U.S. Demands Polanski’s Extradition NT Times 102309 (Read)

Roman Polanski out of Zurich prison, under medical care LA Times 101809 (Read)

Polanski loses first round in extradition battle Las Vegas Sun 100609 (Read)

Polanski agreed a $500,000 payment for victim Irish Independent 100509 (Read)

Glitterati throw their ugly halos around Roman Polanski (London Times 100409) (Read)

Schwarzenegger says Polanski should not get special treatment Telegraph 100209 (Read)

Roman Polanski: film director, producer, writer, actor, pedophile ButlerReport 100109 (Read)

Open letter to Whoopi Goldberg from Wendy Murphy. It was 'rape-rape' (Read)

State of California vs Roman Polanski Grand jury transcript from the Smoking Gun (Read)

Roman Polanski Plea Transcript (Read)



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