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Training Programs



Arranged Alphabetically (Many are free)


Abel Screening: (AASI-2/ABID/Diana Screen) Abel Screening, Inc. was formed in 1995 to provide therapists and criminal justice professionals with tests that will protect communities from sex abusers. A strong emphasis at ASI are products to protect children from sexual abuse. (Open)


Center for Sex Offender Management: Training for those with responsibility for sex offender management. (Open) The following curricula are available:
         1. Understanding Sex Offenders: An Introductory Curriculum
         2. Supervision of Sex Offenders in the Community
         3. An Overview of Sex Offender Treatment for a Non–Clinical Audience
         4. The Effective Management of Juvenile Sex Offenders in the Community
         5. The Role of the Victim and Victim Advocate in Managing Sex Offenders
         6. Educating the Community about Sexual Assault and the Management of Sex
            Offenders in the Community
         7. Secondary Trauma and the Management of Sex Offenders

Child Abuse and Neglect (Open)

Child AbuseWatch.net (Open)
Custom Child Abuse Prevention Training for schools, offices, community centers, volunteer programs

Child sexual abuse prevention training (Open)
Online (2-4 hours) or Instructor-led, Darkness 2 Light: 7 steps to protecting children.
Adults Resolving Child Sexual Abuse in Community. Learn about child abuse - certificate.

Child Welfare Information Gateway (Open)
State Child Welfare Training Resources

Child Welfare League of American (Open)
Conference Training

Cornerhouse Forensic Interview Training: CornerHouse Forensic Interview Protocol RATAC® - Interviewing sexually abused children (Read)

Criminal Justice Division Child Protection Training Center (Open)

Domestic Violence (free- online training) (Read)

Friends (Open)
FRIENDS, the National Resource Center for CBCAP provides training and technical assistance to Federally Funded CBCAP Programs. This site serves as a resource to those programs and to the rest of the Child Abuse Prevention community.

Florida Department of Children and Families – Training (Open)

Gateway to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Information (Open)
Information and training

GEMS - Girls Educational and Mentoring Service - training (Open)
GEMS provides customized training and technical assistance to organizations and institutions that want to provide staff with the knowledge and tools to understand and address commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of children and youth.

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force Program - Training (Open)

John E. Reid & Assoc: The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation (Open)

Kristi House - Project Gold: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) (Open)

Medical Aspects of Child Abuse Training (Open)
Conference and Training Workshop Videos (online)
The Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice

Mentor Forensic Services Training and Professional Development (Open)

MOSAIC Threat assessment systems (Open)
Domestic violence +other violence types treat assessment training

National Children's Advocacy Center - resources and training (Open)


National Child Trauma Stress Network (Open)
Dedicated to providing state-of-the-art training to enhance the quality of clinical
assessment, treatment, and services for traumatized children, adolescents, their families, and communities.


National Children's Alliance Training (Open)

National Children's Alliance Training Catalogue for Children's Advocacy Centers pdf (Open)

NCA online training for child abuse professionals and police officers (Open)

  • Child Abuse Investigations in Meth Lab Cases - Tim Ahumada

  • Child Development 101 - Allison DeFelice, PhD

  • Child Sexual Abuse: A Judicial Perspective - Judge Charles B. Schudson

  • Children's Advocacy Centers: A Model for Improving the System's Response to Child Abuse - Nancy Chandler

  • Collaboration, Consistency & Cultural Competency - Carroll Ann Ellis

  • The CPS Worker: Making a Case for Safety - Jim Holler

  • Developmental Perspectives on Child Sexual Behavior in Children & Adolescents - William Friedrich, PhD

  • The Emotional Effects of Domestic Violence on Children - Sharon McGee, MS

  • Filtering Information: Utilizing Interpreters in Investigative Interviews - Maria Rosales-Lambert

  • Forensic Interviewing Skills for Working with Child Abuse Victims with Cognitive and/or Communication Impairments - Nora J. Baladerian, PhD

  • Interviewing Preschool Children - Linda Cordisco Steele, M.Ed

  • Law Enforcement's Response to Child Sexual Abuse - Detective Rick Cage

  • The Medical & Developmental Effects of Domestic Violence on Children - J Stirling, MD

  • Opening Statements and Closing Arguments in Child Sexual Abuse Cases - Jeffrey Brickman, JD

  • Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten: Readiness Activities and Skills for Success

  • Profiling the Child Molester - Investigator George Ryan

  • Providing Expert Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse Cases - Laura Rogers, JD

  • Standards for Prevention Programs - Pat Stanislaski

  • Teaching with Teddy - Dianne Pace

  • Trial Strategies in Child Protection Cases - Victor Vieth

  • Victim Assistance: Preparation and Support for Children in Criminal Proceedings - Jeannette M. Adkins

  • When It Is In the Family: How to Handle Sibling Sex Abuse - Jacqueline Page, PsyD

  • Working with the Non-Offending Caregiver - Cassandra Leslie


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (Open)

National Institute of Crime Prevention (Open)
Advanced Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, military training

National Resources Center for Child Protective Services (Open)
Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect in Disaster Emergency Shelters - for emergency staff and volunteers.

National Resource Center for Child Protective Services (Open)
The National Resource Center for Child Protective Services (NRCCPS) provides expert consultation, technical assistance, and training in all areas of child protective services (CPS), including intake, assessment, case planning, and ongoing services.

New York Child Abuse Identification & Reporting Training Providers (Open)

Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SafeTa Source): Webinar training (Open)

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Response Team (SANE-SART) (Open)
Website maintained to provide information and technical assistance to individuals and institutions interested in developing new SANE-SART programs or improving existing ones. It lists all the SANE/SART programs state by state.

Shaken Baby Alliance Training (Open)

Specialized Training Services (Open)

Standard for Public Safety Telecommunications when responding to calls of missing, abducted and sexually exploited children (Read)

Stewards of Children Facilitator (Open)
Darkness 2 Light: To train others about about Child Abuse - for organizations

Stop it now. Child sexual abuse prevention training - free online webinars/webcasts. (Access)

The National Child Welfare Training and Technical Assistance Network (Open)

Training on Recognizing Child Abuse - Child Welfare Information Gateway (Open)

University-based forensic nursing degree programs (Open)



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