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What Can I Do?

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Action (def): something done or performed; act; deed

ACTION stops child abuse in its tracks. Abuse relies on secrecy to be effective. Deny that secrecy, intervene, talk to someone, talk to your children.

Here are the basics of safe parenting (click)

Are you or someone you know being abused?
If you are being abused or know of someone who is, please get help immediately. The fastest way is by dialing
911. Don't wait, nothing will change until you do something. Also see the Emergency Contact information menu above. Don't wait. Act now.

Are you an abuser?
Do you abuse children? Are you sick and tired of the way you feel? Do you want to stop, to make a change in your life. Help is a phone call away.

Call 800-4-A-CHILD - (800 422 4453) - you will speak to a non-judgmental counselor and receive a referral to a local center that can help you.

How can I get involved in the prevention of Child Abuse?
We're glad you asked. Here are a number of steps that you can take.

  • Educate yourself on material presented in this site and see our resources for reading materials

  • Tell your family and friends to visit this site.

  • Talk openly to your family and friends about the aspects of child abuse

  • Talk to your children about child abuse, appropriate to their age and understanding

  • Consider becoming a Volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (click) and represent abused and neglected children in court. This is also known as a Guardian ad Litem. Full training is provided by the State. A comprehensive background check and criminal investigation is mandatory prior to certification.

  • Contact any of the organizations listed on this site and offer to volunteer

  • Donate your time and write to your local political representatives about child abuse issues and legislation that you read or hear about in the news

  • Donate money to a child abuse organization such as Missing Kids - click here

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