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Tell tale signs of abuse may show
up after school vacations


Palm Beach Co assistant state attorney lauded in D.C. (Read)


Nice Guy Molesters think
they're 'child lovers' (

Letter to Irish Justice Minister
re eliminating defenses for
not reporting abuse

Child Abuse Investigations Didn't Reduce Risk -Study (Read)

Alyssa Lies (video)


Kabul's 'unnoticed' child

Child abuse streaming

Featured: The Lamplighters

Everybody Hurts - REM (Listen)

Emotional Abuse. You carry the cure in your own heart (Read)

Edwards School
Presentation (

Letter to Judge William Adams (Rockport, Texas) on his beating
of his daughter (on video) (


Guardian ad Litem volunteers
could cut advocacy costs
in Ireland (Read)


Frances Fitzgerald: Minister for
what exactly? (


2-year sentence for child
porn inadequate, expert
tells judge

Irish PM speaks out against Vatican's role in the abuse of
Irish children (

Irish police ignore
offers of assistance in child protection (

No more reports on Irish
clerical abuse

The Cloyne Report (Read)

George Gibney

Open letter to Irish PM Kenny about missing children in Irish care working as sex slaves (Read)

Wikileaks: Children under care
of Irish government ended up
in brothels

Article on Irish rapist
Larry Murphy

Research & Reference
links (Open)


April was Child Abuse
Prevention Month
So What?


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